Senator Bob Huff and Mei Mei Ho Huff


ACT Against Hate Alliance

to focus on SOLUTIONS TO STOP HATE CRIMES in California


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ACT Against Hate Alliance  


Senator Bob Huff and Mei Mei Ho Huff have been driving critical policy initiatives across multiple sectors, for the past two decades and establishing a global legacy in the process.  Mei Mei, previously an auditor and tax consultant with one of the big 8 accounting firms, servicing numerous industries, formed her own CPA and business consulting firm supporting innovation and business development for local and international enterprises. Her work leading community programs and building cohesion has made her a sought after spokesperson and advisor, with recognition from government and community leaders at all levels.

As Assemblyman and as Senate Republican Leader, Bob sponsored legislation to reduce government regulation for a more supportive job environment that gave rise to extraordinary innovation. His focus on education increased charter schools funding, improved school choice, legalized private after-school language and culture programs, and highlighted Asian cultural awareness.

Bob has been given countless honors, including Legislator of the Year, recognizing his tremendous contribution to education, transportation, tax reform, job creation, healthcare, veterans' rights, water safety and conservation, environment, and programs to strengthen the economy of California.

Bob and Mei Mei have been extensively involved in building stronger trade relationships between the US and Asia and have organized and been part of over 25 government delegation trips to over 20 cities in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore and have organized and co-hosted many official delegations travelling to the US.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, after the Huffs received an alarming number of calls from members of the Asian community regarding racially motivated hate crimes, they opened an immediate dialogue with leaders across multiple sectors. The Act Against Hate Alliance was established to move beyond discussion and devastation to arrive at solutions.