ACT Against Hate Alliance



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ACT Against Hate Alliance  

Josh Newman

California Senator

Rosalicie Ochoa Bogh

California Senator

Pat Bates

California Senate

CC Yin, Founder

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs

Bob Rose, President, Chime TV, National Diversity Council, National Asian American Coalition

Corrin Rankin

Chair of CRP Outreach & Inclusion of Diverse Communities

Natalie Salazar

Executive Director

Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers Program

Gloria Romero

former Majority Leader California State Senate; Education Reformer

Louis Freedberg


California Media Directive

Regina Wilson

  Executive Director, Center  

for Black Media

Denton Carlson

San Ramon

Chief of Police

Walter Allen, Director

Rio Hondo Police Academy

Covina Councilmember

Tim Shaw

Trustee Orange County  

Board of Education

Dr. Kevin O'Mara


School Exec Connect

Domingo Herraiz, Director

Programs, Int'l Assn. of Chiefs of Police

Jan Wong, Detective

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Hate Crimes


David McMurrin

Orange County Deputy District Attorney,

Special Prosecurting Unit

Dr. Adam Rose

USC Price

School of Public Policy

Jim McDonnell, Director

Safe Communities USC Price School of


Brian Gihooly, FBI

Special Agent in Charge

Criminal Investigations Division, LA Field Office

Each month, ACT Against Hate Alliance Hosts a Media Event on the topic of solutions to stop the horrific rise in hate crimes across our communities. The following speakers have supported the AAHA mission of finding solutions to stop hate crime by giving generously of their time and expertise to speak at an AAHA Media Event. Their leadership, impact, and steadfast commitment to change are widely felt and enormously appreciated.

John Duran

Civill Rights Attorney LGBTQ+ Leader

Carey Perloff

Director, Author,

Playwright, Educator

Dr. Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser, President and founder, American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Carlos Benitez,

Art Dealer, Inventor, Entrepreneur,

ACCA Director

Adrienne Trewolla

"Trew Love"

Artist and Activist

Darren Chan

Senior, The Citadel

AAHA Inaugural Intern 2022-2023

Aidan Chau

AAHA Inaugural High School Chapter Founder & President

David Chan

UC Berkeley AAHA Inaugural University Chapter Founder & President

Rabbi Sarah Hronsky President,  Board of Rabbis of Southern California

Dr. Dawn Michele Whitehead, Vice President  Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and

Careers at AAC&U

Venerable Hui Dong Abbot,

Fo Guang Shan, Hsi Lai Temple, Los Angeles

Maria Daniella Marouda Chair, European Commission Against Racism & Intolerance

Tamás Berec General Manager, Int’l Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH) Netherlands

Laura E. Ellsworth, Partner-in-Charge of Global Community Service initiatives, Jones Day

Dennis Santiago

Chief Operating Officer

National Diversity Coalition

ACT Against Hate Alliance

Student High School & University Leaders

"When we join together in honest conversation, bringing our unique expertise, background, experience, and passion together, we have already made a crucial step toward solving the problem of hate and the hate crimes it gives rise to. Collaboration and sharing what we know are key to dismantling this growing travesty.

Our speakers have been extraordinary and we are beyond greatful for their contribution."

–– Senator Bob Huff

Chase Masterson


The Heroic Journey

Nicholas Hernadez

California State University, Fullerton

Utarsh Jain

UC Berkeley

Hailey Wells

Sacred Heart School

Remy Garcia Kakebeen

Princeton University

Benjamin Yu

Lake Forrest

City Council Member

Farrah Khan

Mayor of Irvine

Steve Tye


City of Diamond Bar

Don Wagner

Orange County


Tammy Kim

Vice Mayor

City of Irvine

Lou Correa

US House of Representatives

Katrina Foley

Orange County Supervisor

Mike Fong

California State Representative

Ruth Low


City of Diamond Bar

Lynn Johnson


National Geographic